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The Breakfast of Champions

God visited Joshua at the beginning of his reign as the new leader of Israel; giving him the two things that he would need to move beyond the shadow of his predecessor Moses, to become the champion that he was groomed to be all of his life.  He bequeathed to him strength and courage; The Breakfast of Champions”.  A man becomes what he eats, and in this book Dr. Walker exposes us to the tools necessary to rise above the inherent weakness of our humanity, to become the champion that God always imagined we would be.

HMS12 Notes -- Pastoral Edition

Bishop Walker shares his 70+ pages of teaching notes he used during the power-packed weekend of Helps Ministry Symposium 12. After purchase, you will receive a link to download the file so that you have access immediately.

Getting Unstuck

Nothing can be more frustrating to a creative person, than the inability to create, or that overwhelming, depressing feeling of being stuck.  Stuck in between where one comes from, and where one believes God wants them to be.  God inspired me to write this book to ignite a renewed passion in the hearts of His people to pursue everything that He has promised, even if you don’t get everything.

I Think Myself Happy

"A 30-day devotional guide to help you master the learning curve of happiness. You are 30 days away from feeling happier than you ever have!" ~Bishop Steven Walker, D.D.

Chasing the Happy

In Chasing the Happy, Dr. Walker makes sense of the unusual sacrifice that God made in crucifying his only son Jesus Christ.  The purpose of his sacrifice was to give every man the opportunity to have life and to have it more abundantly. The happiness associated with Christ’s sacrifice has eluded many people long enough. It is the world’s best kept secret. In this book, Dr. Walker shows us why we need to chase after the happy, what the happy is and how to obtain it.

Thy Rod and Thy Staff

This resource is a must-have in every servant's library. Thy Rod and Thy Staff is a comprehensive look at the ministry gift of the armor-bearer and primary staff persons, and how what they do makes all the difference in the world.


Favor provides insight into the blessing and obligations that come along with being favored by God, and how being "hated" is the least of your concerns.

The Perfect Heart for Ministry

During this year's Helps Ministry Symposium, Bishop Steven Walker released this companion workbook outlining his more than 20 years of ministry experience, and what it takes to be most effectively engaged and successful in serving the Lord and His house with your WHOLE heart!

It's Your Moment Don't Mess It Up

In this book, 'It's Your Moment, Don't Mess It Up', Bishop Walker shares his in-depth wisdom on God's pre-established timing for His universal favor. During this period in the divine time table, God makes His exceptional favor more readily available than at any other time. Our time and moment to experience measurable results from our persistent effort has come. This is our moment to do, be and have everything that God has in store for our lives!

The Judas Syndrome

There was a reason that Satan literally begged God for the chance to have Simon… because he knew that Simon would be a pivotal leader in the work of God if he ever rose to his intended potential. The Judas Syndrome magnifies the pathology and psychology of a traitor with the intention to provoke readers to walk through life with hearts close to the presence of the Lord daily crying “Lord is it I?” It illustrates that anyone could potentially be a traitor, teaches how to protect against such a legacy, and encourages all, should they ever fall so low, to have the faith to trust God for one more chance.

The 12 Laws That Govern Success

Anyone can be successful at doing anything one time.  However, finding momentous success, during the course of one’s life, is a totally different concept and objective. The higher goal in life should be to win at the game of life, not just to have a moment of success. The 12 Laws That Govern Success will show you that it is and has always been the desire and plan of God for mankind to experience a lifetime of success initiated by His favor, and which actions you must to take to position yourself for this success.

The Audacity of Faith

Faith is essential to our present lives and will ultimately determine the quality of our future. As faith is so important, we must make the necessary adjustments to our philosophical foundation to realize the promises of God during our lifetime. God has an amazing life for every one of his children already in store. But none of it can be realized without the aid of one’s faith. In The Audacity of Faith Bishop Steven Walker disects two undeniable truths: that ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE and NOTHING IS POSSIBLE WITHOUT FAITH. 

Ministry Re-Imagined (Manual)

In Ministry Re-Imagined, Bishop Steven Walker pours out 40 years of life changing information he has gathered over his unique journey of servant hood.  This book will reinforce why re-imagining your ministry and staying the course is so important for 21st century leadership.

Ministry Re-Imagined (Workbook)

The companion for the Ministry Re-imagined Manual, The Ministry Re-Imagined Workbook is specifically designed for Pastors and those in ministerial leadership.

The Power of Gratitude

King David said it best: “it is a good thing to give thanks.” The Power of Gratitude speaks to, and validates, all the unheard wounded hearts that love deeply enough to know what it is to exist without appreciation. Highlighting the importance and power of gratitude, it enlists a fresh commitment from a whole new grateful generation – the generation of those who desire to be agents of healing in the earth through the power of gratitude.


Better is not an impartation; it is an intention.

Bishop Steven Walker

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