It's Your Moment Don't Mess It Up

It's Your Moment Don't Mess It Up

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In this book, 'It's Your Moment, Don't Mess It Up', Bishop Walker shares his in-depth wisdom on God's pre-established timing for His universal favor. During this period in the divine time table, God makes His exceptional favor more readily available than at any other time. Our time and moment to experience measurable results from our persistent effort has come. This is our moment to do, be and have everything that God has in store for our lives!

However, this word is activated only in the lives of those that will believe the Word of God AND work to reap the unprecedented harvest that awaits! This book will give you the tools you need to reap your harvest...It's Your Moment, Don't Mess It Up!

God sees your future and He will destroy your present to protect it.

Bishop Steven Walker

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