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The Anatomy of a Spiritual Breakthrough

Have you ever come to a place in your life where you felt thirsty, hungry, empty, weary, and possibly sick of your assignment and calling? Have you ever had a bondage, stronghold, addiction, weakness or habit that seemed as though it was getting the best of your life? Although you are saved, and even filled with the Holy Ghost, do you lack the power to break yourself free? The church and the world need a fresh visitation from the presence of the Lord. The scripture is clear; whenever there is a visitation from the Lord; people experience a tangible, measurable spiritual breakthrough. If you are hungry and thirsty for more of the Living God, then you are in the right position for a “Spiritual Breakthrough”.

2nd Chronicle 2nd Anointing

A Chronicle is a historical accounting of events void of details. Just as God anointed Solomon the second time to empower him for the second chronicle of his life, God will do the same for you. Your life is more than just a moment, a day, a page, a chapter, or an event; your life is a volume. Like Christ you must never quit until you finish the volume of the book. You may have been through some or many unbelievable things during the first chronicle of your life, but you must not allow any single event of your past the authority to define your story.

When A Man Prays

Ezekiel quotes the Sovereign, Omniscient Jehovah as saying there is only one thing He has ever sought for, and that was a man who would simply pray. (Ezekiel 22:30) It is clear throughout the scriptures that the responsibility of leadership on all arenas was first given to the man. It is time for the male intercessor to emerge! It is Bishop Walker’s hope that every man who reads this book finishes it with a greater understanding of what happens when a man prays, and that every woman would grow to understand the makeup of the male intercessor and encourage it.

Kingdom Game Changers

Game changers possess an innate ability to move through the difficulties of life as though it seems, unaffected. They are agents of change that refuse to be changed by the circumstances of their assignment. A “Kingdom Game Changer” is one who positively affects change wherever planted by divine providence, without being negatively affected in the process! Inside of each of us is the potential to rise in the game of life to leave an irrefutable legacy as a Kingdom Game Changer. Your church needs you and your deposit of potential. KINGDOM GAME CHANGERS…. LET’S GO!

Walking with a Man of God

This book is written to assist those who have been uniquely called to walk alongside a man of God. This position has its own set of challenges and rewards. Bishop Steven Walker’s goal is to help you navigate these challenges and see that there are rewards, too numerous to count, for those daring enough to embrace this call and walk with a man of God.

Living the Single Life and Loving It

Living the Single Life and Loving It tackles the tough issues of the single saint, and gives simple, settling solutions. Once applied, these solutions will equip the reader with an arsenal of proven weaponry with which to stand and succeed in whatsover state he or she may currently be found. Whether married or single, this is a must read for anyone who wants to live a life that pleases God, while LOVING the life you live! ~ Dr. Rita L. Twiggs, Satisfied Single

Breaking Through to the Increase of God

In every generation God has raised up prophetic voices to speak to the cry of his people. When Israel was in Egyptian captivity, God raised up Moses with a clarion command to Pharaoh let his people go. When the decree was issued calling for the annihilation of an entire nation God, raised up Esther to be his mouthpiece. Now in this hour, when the body of Christ is besieged by demoralization and decrease, Bishop Steve Walker sends a word to inspire forward motion in preparation for the pending increase for this generation.

Preparing Your Finances for the Amazing Life

Getting your Cinances in order for the amazing life will not come without challenges, setbacks and frustrations. But if you possess these important keys, they will propel you to your goal. They are a Vision, a Plan, Determination and Diligence. This book will help you obtain this kind of freedom the Lord intends for you to have.

Keeping Pace and Passion for Progressive Ministry

When God called Moses to lead his people from Egypt to Canaan, of all the things Moses could have asked for, he asked for help! When Jesus started his ministry here on earth, the first thing he enlisted was help.


Moses tried that with God. Gideon tried it. Jeremiah tried it, but God would not accept their weakness as an excuse for failure to heed the call to service, and neither should we allow laypersons to remain inactive—they must be encouraged to master their weakness for the glory of God. Remember, what qualifies is the call, then we must engage ourselves daily to align our lifestyle with the Word of God. NO MORE EXCUSES!!!!!

Lord Teach Us to Pray

Prayer is the act of communing with God.  Throughout the Bible we find numerous accounts of God responding to prayer and moving on behalf of individuals, groups and whole nations to bring His will to pass.  It is through the Father’s response to our prayers that He reveals more of himself to us.  This increases our faith in Him and aids in developing our relationship with Him. It is my hope that you will take away from this book a greater love for prayer.

How To Have A Contagious Vision

The scripture declares that faith must have some works or it is dead. Faith enters our hearts when we hear the Word of the Lord, for faith comes by hearing the Word, but after you hear you must move. Once you know from God what he wants you to do, you must begin to walk in the direction of it in his time. Jesus said it this way; “I must work the works of him who sent me.” He is saying it is his work but I MUST WORK IT. This raises an alarming question in my mind. Is it possible to die and never finish the works or vision God has assigned to your life?


Stand Still

Pastor Steven Walker & Nu Crew (2006)

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Live in Worship & Praise

Pastor Steven Walker & the Music Ministry Choir (2010) 

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Songs of Deliverance

Pastor Steven Walker & Nu Crew (2007)

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The proof of leadership is followship. Follow a leader whose followship can be verified. The best leaders have been good followers.

Bishop Steven Walker

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