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"With Jesus, you can make it back from wherever you are."




For the past 28 years, Bishop Steven Walker has faithfully served as Pastor of the Abundant Life Healing Fellowship Church of Philadelphia Pennsylvania, where he has been relentless in fulfilling his core mission in life: Rebuilding, Empowering, and Equipping the body of Christ and the world to realize their own potential and purpose to the glory of God.

His ministry is highly recognized for its effectiveness in the community. He is the founder of Steven Walker Ministries, Inc., a college course lecturer and motivational speaker. He is an accomplished author of 36 published books. A singer, songwriter and producer of 7 music cd's, President of the independent record label, Genuine Productions, founder of the performing Arts and Creative Expression Community Development Corporation (PACE), and the executive producer of numerous theatrical stage productions, featured at all of the major theater houses in Philadelphia Pa. His newest assignment affords him the high privilege of serving as a Bishop in the Lord's church, and Presiding Prelate of the Kinsmen Fellowship of Ministries, where he provides spiritual covering for Senior Pastors and Ministers. He is also the Founder and Pastor of Abundant Life Healing Fellowship – South, located in Newark, Delaware. In 2016, Bishop Walker received his Doctor of Divinity degree from St. Thomas University, Jacksonville, Florida. Of a truth, no grass grows under Bishop Walker's feet as he lives every day of his life fueled by the same philosophy that consumed his savior Jesus Christ when he said, "Lo, I come in the volume of the book, it is written of me I delight to do thy will."

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