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Kinsmen Fellowship of Ministries (KFM) was founded in 2011 to provide spiritual leadership and guidance to Pastors and Ministers with a hunger to be promulgators of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Our Mission

  • Building... Motivating... Equipping Senior Pastors, Ministers and Ministries to fulfill their unique kingdom assignment.

  • To provide a place of safety and a covenant for thriving ministry gifts.

  • To provide spiritual guidance for those who have accepted "The Call" but don't know what to do next.

Our Vision

To build a healthy fellowship for ministries and leaders who are called to be "Generation Builders."

Your Next Step

We invite you to participate in this God Commissioned Mission and Vision on any of the following levels:

  • Covenant Partnership Level – in this capacity Bishop Steven Walker will serve as the Apostolic covering for you and your congregation.

  • Covenant Association Level – this association has been designed for Ministers, Evangelists and other Clerical leaders that may not be Pastors of churches, but understand the need to be covered by a God ordained authority.  Bishop Steven Walker will serve as your apostolic covering.

  • Fellowship Level – this level of association has been designed for Bishops, Pastors, Overseers and others that are either already connected with an organization or association, or are simply unable to commit at the Covenant Level, but are excited by the Mission and Vision of KFM and want to officially participate with its Mission and Vision.

Kinsmen Fellowship of Ministries


100 North 63rd Street

Philadelphia, PA 19139

(southwest corner of 63rd and Arch Street)


Telephone: 215.472.4236

Fax: 215.472.1398



Office Hours:

Monday-Friday, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

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